Five Fun Things Online

''American idol,'' ''Atonement,'' movie monsters, and more

1. 'American Idol' Returns!
Now that Simon Cowell's reality juggernaut is back, Michael Slezak and his Idolatry team are suited up and ready to cover every bit of the Idol action.

2. 'Atonement' Video Q&A
As Academy Awards season ramps up to speed, James McAvoy and Keira Knightley chat with Dave Karger about their flick, an Oscar front-runner.

3. PopWatch Duel!
The boys from USA's Psych name the five (pop culture) mysteries they'd like solved.

4. The Best Giant-Monster Movies
With J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield smashing into theaters, we yield to our inner geek and count down the 10 most awesome massive beasties to hit the big screen.

5. Sexy Times!
October Road's Geoff Stults and Rebecca Field — who are about to get busy on TV — pick their favorite movie sex scenes. (Hint: He's partial to Wild Things.)

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