Video Review

Strike a Pose

Details Genres: Erotic, Mystery and Thriller; With: Barry Bostwick, Michelle Lamothe, Robert Eastwick and Jane Seymour

One is a pretend erotic thriller; the other would be about 20 minutes long if not for the sex scenes. Guess which flick stars Jane Seymour. That's right, the tame, circumspect Praying Mantis, in which she plays a black widow who kills her husbands right after she's married them because-this is good-going any farther would spoil the perfect moment. This is the sort of vehicle that gives marginally talented TV actors a chance to ''stretch,'' which for Seymour means mastering a few facial tics. Strike a Pose, on the other hand, goes about its filthy business briskly-the first nude grapple takes place before we even know the characters' names. Amusingly shameless, the film uses any excuse for a sex scene or nude-model montage. Essential viewing for students of breast implants. Mantis: C Pose: C- -GK

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