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In Bruges (2008)

In Bruges, Colin Farrell | COLIN FARRELL IN IN BRUGES

Details Limited Release: Feb 08, 2008; Rated: R; Length: 107 Minutes; Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy; With: Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes; Distributor: Focus Features

Two hit men, Ray and Ken (Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson) botch up a job in London, then get exiled to the small Brussels town of Bruges by their angry boss (Ralph Fiennes). But as we can tell from the movie's tagline — ''Shoot first. Sightsee later'' — Ray and Ken aren't just in town for a vacation. It's a supremely twisted tale and the first feature film by playwright Martin McDonagh, who also directs.

Originally posted Jan 24, 2008

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