'Lost': Season 1 Episode Guide

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13. EPISODE: ''Hearts and Minds''
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Jan. 12, 2005
PLOT SUMMARY: When Boone says to Locke he's going to tell Shannon about the hatch, Locke knocks Boone out, ties him up, spreads some goo on his head wound and leaves him alone in the jungle. Boone soon hears Shannon cry for help: She's tied up too. He frees them both, but Shannon gets mauled by the monster and dies. Except she doesn't; it was all a hallucination designed by Locke to metaphorically liberate Boone from Shannon. Who, we learn in flashback, is Boone's stepsister who slept with him before they left Sydney. Ewww!
MYTHOLOGY ALERT: Boone and Sawyer cross paths in a Sydney police station, the first time we realize the survivors were connected before the flight.
CRITIQUE: Two fake deaths in three episodes is one too many. But Ian Somerhalder brings some real pathos to his conflicted feelings for Shannon, and Locke's at his best when his motivations are darkly mysterious.
GRADE: B+ — Adam B. Vary

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