'Lost': Season 1 Episode Guide

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3. EPISODE: ''Tabula Rasa''
PLOT SUMMARY: The dying marshal shows Kate's mug shot to Jack and mutters, ''She's dangerous'': We see her as a fugitive in Australia, working at the farm of a widow who eventually turned her in for reward money. Sawyer shoots the marshal to save medicine, but fails to kill him, leaving Jack to put Kate's pursuer out of his misery. The doc then tells Kate he doesn't want to know her crime: ''Three days ago we all died. We should all be able to start over.''
MYTHOLOGY ALERT: We get a hint of Walt's powers when his father, Michael (Harold Perrineau), tells Walt he'll search for the missing Vincent after a drenching rain stops, and — poof! — the rain stops.
CRITIQUE: Kate's story is intriguing, though she's still not quite believable as a fugitive badass. A closing montage of the passengers slowly adjusting to life on the beach (and Walt getting Vincent back) is movingly bittersweet, though marred by the closing shot: a misleadingly ominous expression on Locke's face.
GRADE: B+ — Josh Wolk

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