'Lost': Season 1 Episode Guide

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5. EPISODE: ''White Rabbit''
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Oct. 20, 2004
PLOT SUMMARY: Jack feels guilty that he let a random castaway drown (goodbye, is it...Joanne?) while saving another one (enjoy life while you can, Boone!). Haunted by visions of his well-dressed father on the Island, he also struggles deeply with his de facto leadership post on the Island. We learn in the flashback scenes that Jack's dad (John Terry) — a Chief of Surgery who was no Father of the Year — jetted off to Australia on a bender, but Jack had arrived too late for rescue, so he brought Dad's coffin on the plane home.
MYTHOLOGY ALERT: Jack sees a dead dude walking around the Island.
CRITIQUE: Our first peek into Jack's incredibly dysfunctional relationship with his dad is tantalizing, producing both juicy questions and eerie revelations. (Why does Jack tell his mother that he's the last person that his father would want to see? Ohmigod — the coffin is empty?)
GRADE: B+ — Dan Snierson

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