'Lost': Season 2 Episode Guide

Lost, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
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10. EPISODE: ''The 23rd Psalm''
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Jan. 11, 2006

PLOT SUMMARY: The drug plane that killed Boone? Mr. Eko knows the corpse inside — it's his brother, Yemi (Adetokumboh McCormack). Whatta coinkydink! Once, Eko was a carefree Nigerian child who was abducted by bandits. Eventually, he became a warlord himself. Stuck with heroin he couldn't safely sell, Eko coerced his priest bro to get a missionary plane to ferry the drugs — stuffed inside Virgin Mary idols — out of the country. The deal went bad; Yemi got shot and Eko tossed him inside the plane in hopes of getting him to safety. Eko asks statue-hoarding Charlie to guide him to the plane. En route, holy man and junkie encounter the Monster, revealed to be a billowing tendril of black haze. A fearless Eko stares it down. After retrieving Yemi's body, Eko and Charlie stage a funeral pyre and recite Psalm 23.

MYTHOLOGY ALERT: The Monster has mind-scanning abilities.

CRITIQUE: Mr. Eko and his Bible-verse-scribbled stick capture the imagination in a wonderfully strange parable about redemption and fate that earned an Emmy nomination for writing.


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