'Lost': Season 2 Episode Guide

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18. EPISODE: ''Dave''
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: April 5, 2006

PLOT SUMMARY: Fake Henry cops to being an Other, mocks the Hatch as ''a joke,'' and makes the cryptic claim that the Island is invisible even to God. Beyond that, he's not talking. Meanwhile, Hurley and ex-Tailie Libby (Cynthia Watros) grow closer — close enough for him to confess he's been hoarding food. He's also been seeing an old imaginary friend from his mental institution days, Dave (Evan Handler), a belittling jerk who embodies Hurley's crappy self-esteem. Dave nearly convinces Hurley that this whole plane crash/Island thing is just a dream, and the big man is about to throw himself off a cliff when Libby smooches him, giving cause to pause. But in a noodle-cooking twist, Hurley's final flashback reveals Libby was also a patient at his sanitarium.

MYTHOLOGY ALERT: Why was Hurley institutionalized? ''Dave'' suggests part of the reason has to do with Hurley's guilt-wracked belief that his girth caused a backyard deck to crash, killing two people.

CRITIQUE: The well-played Hurley-Libby romance is charming, but the Hurley-Libby loony bin twist was a twist too far.


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