'Lost': Season 2 Episode Guide

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2. EPISODE: ''Adrift''
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Sept. 28, 2005

PLOT SUMMARY: In the frigid, shark-infested waters off the Island, Sawyer (Argh! Zeke shot me! Argh!) and Michael (Walt! WALT! WAAAAAALT!) bicker with each other and struggle to survive in the aftermath of the Others' firebomb attack by clinging to pieces of their obliterated raft. In the flashback, Michael recalls warring with his ex over custodial rights to Walt — and how he reluctantly, regretfully opted to stand down. Michael and Sawyer put aside their mutual loathing and get back to the Island where they find Jin — and a very large man wielding a very big stick.

MYTHOLOGY ALERT: A blink-and-you'd-miss-it shot of the Dharma-branded shark; Kate munches on Apollo-brand candy bars.

CRITIQUE: The producers revamped this episode at the proverbial last minute because they didn't like its original Sawyer-focused flashback. Refocusing on Michael effectively establishes his Must Save Walt! mindset, but the hastily written custody battle story feels sloppy and rehashy.


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