'Lost': Season 2 Episode Guide

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22. EPISODE: ''Three Minutes''

PLOT SUMMARY: Hurley plans a funeral, Charlie begins to patch things up with Claire by giving her Dharma vaccine for Aaron, and Jack wants to attack the Others en masse. But an increasingly manic Michael argues for a stealth attack involving four select people. In flashbacks, we find out who and why. During his time away, Michael was taken captive by the Others, clearly faking the whole hillbilly thing. They let him see Walt for three minutes, then offered a deal: If Michael could spring Ben and bring them Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley, they would let Michael and Walt leave the Island. In the end, Jack submits to Michael's plan, but he and Sayid suspect their friend has been compromised. And then a sailboat appears on the horizon...

MYTHOLOGY ALERT: First appearance of fan-fave Other Beatrice Klugh (April Grace).

CRITIQUE: Michael's bloody betrayal is hard to swallow, but Harold Perrineau sells it. But given the explosion of cryptic arcana, Lost is leaving too much for its season finale to wrap up.


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