'Lost': Season 2 Episode Guide

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5. EPISODE: ''...and Found''
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Oct. 19, 2005

PLOT SUMMARY: Sun pines for Jin, then realizes she's lost her wedding ring. On the other side of the Island, Jin yearns for Sun while catching fish for his desperate band of castaways. In a shared flashback, the unhappily wed Koreans recollect their meet-cute. Jin was a poor doorman at a ritzy hotel laboring under a snooty boss. Jin was a forlorn rich girl under pressure from her parents to marry wealthy. After Sun huffily walked out on a date, and after Jin huffily quit his job, the future couple bumped into each other at a park. Anyway, Sun finds her wedding ring, while Jin and a hulking, quiet Tailie named Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) track down Michael, who has skipped off to hunt for Waaaalt!

MYTHOLOGY ALERT: First appearance of Sun's eventual lover, Jae Lee (Tony Lee).

CRITIQUE: You'd never know from this episode how significant Jae is to the Jin/Sun backstory — hence, ''...and Found'' is easy to dismiss. But Michael's increasingly tedious whiny dad act? Ugh.


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