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Soft as Nails

Trent Reznor's best friend -- The Nine Inch Nails singer's pet pooch dies at a concert

> SOFT AS NAILS: It was nihilism as usual on stage at a recent Nine Inch Nails concert in Columbus, Ohio, until tragedy struck Trent Reznor's best friend, Maise, a golden retriever. Handlers were walking the pooch on the arena's third-floor balcony when the dog jumped onto a railing, then plunged 50 feet to his death. Reznor heard the news after the set and revealed a sensitive side. ''That was really tough for him,'' says a spokeswoman. Reznor promptly canceled a concert two days later. Says the spokeswoman: ''He flew straight to Miami. He thought (the warmer weather) might cheer him up.''

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