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Gotta Have Tart

Kirsten Dunst's side business -- While on the set of "Little Women," the actress sold lemonade

GOTTA HAVE TART: Maybe they should have called it Little Businesswoman. While on the set of Little Women, 13-year-old Kirsten Dunst parlayed her downtime into cold, hard cash. ''I sold lemonade for 25 cents a glass,'' says Dunst, who plays the young Amy in the film. ''It was a great way to make lots of money.'' Her final haul was around $30 — thanks to her very generous costars. ''Susan Sarandon (who plays Marmee) bought a lot of it,'' says Dunst. ''She sent her kids to keep buying lemonade. I'm not sure if they were even that thirsty.'' Although Dunst usually puts all her earnings in a college trust fund — in addition to Women, she costarred in Interview With the Vampire — this money will go for something more reckless. ''I want to get one of those little backpacks. They're so cool.''

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