She Said No (1990) An advertising executive ( Hill Street Blues ' Veronica Hamel) is raped by a lawyer ( Dear John 's Judd Hirsch). She has him prosecuted,… 1990-09-23 Crime Drama TV Movie Veronica Hamel Ray Baker Lee Grant Judd Hirsch NBC
TV Review

She Said No (1990)


Details Start Date: Sep 23, 1990; Genres: Crime, Drama, TV Movie; With: Veronica Hamel; Network: NBC

An advertising executive (Hill Street Blues' Veronica Hamel) is raped by a lawyer (Dear John's Judd Hirsch). She has him prosecuted, but the case is thrown out when the jury deadlocks. The lawyer-rapist then turns around and files a multimillion-dollar slander suit against Hamel's character. In its commendable attempt to avoid sensationalizing the rape and making the slander- suit twist believable, She Said No is played at a slow, low-key pace-so slow and low-key that it quickly becomes tedious. Lee Grant gives a fine performance as Hamel's tough attorney, and Hirsch is effective as a supremely confident sleazeball, but as drama, She Said No is a well-meaning bore. C-

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