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Minor 'League'

Casting for ''Justice League'' -- Our picks for the superhero film include Jake Gyllenhaal and James McAvoy

The rumored stars of the upcoming Justice League movie range from the unexpected (Common?) to the unknown (Megan who?). But with a potential SAG strike putting the cast in flux, EW offers a few alternatives.

The Front-Runner Megan Gale (Stealth)
The Famous Face Anne Hathaway
The Curveball Ziyi Zhang

The Front-Runner D.J. Cotrona (Windfall)
The Famous Face Jake Gyllenhaal
The Curveball Jim Sturgess

The Front-Runner Armie Hammer (Desperate Housewives)
The Famous Face James McAvoy
The Curveball Emile Hirsch

The Front-Runner Common (American Gangster)
The Famous Face Wentworth Miller
The Curveball Um, Common

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