George Lucas on 'Star Wars,' Indiana Jones

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When you were here at ShoWest three years ago, you talked about converting all six of the Star Wars films into 3-D. Is that something that's still going forward?
GEORGE LUCAS: It's still on. It's just that, technically, it's a much harder thing to pull off than we thought. So we've been working on how to get it done — we're still in the middle of R&D, so to speak. But we're getting closer now. The field [of 3-D] is opening up a little bit. It's a hard thing because it takes a lot of talented people — like, 100 or 150 — and since it's a craft that nobody's been trained to do before, it's a little tricky. So it's hard. But it'll get there.

Do you see any end to working on Star Wars?
[Vigorously shakes his head]

No. I mean, I'm doing it just for fun now. You know, I'm an executive producer now — I don't do the day-to-day work. I check in once a week, maybe, and it'll be the same thing on the live-action show. I'm also [producing] Red Tails [his long-in-the-works project about WWII's Tuskegee Airmen] — I'm producing all these things now. And then, hopefully, in a year or two I'll be completely removed and I'll just be able to go off and do my own movies again.

Star Wars feature films are over, though, right?
No more, no more. I mean, except for this kind of stuff, which is sort of spinoffs of TV shows.

The other thing that you talked about three years ago was going off to do your own movies...
I'm going to do it. [Chuckles]

You probably have scripts sitting around that you've had for 40 years.
I have ideas, but I don't have scripts. The last of my scripts is Red Tails, which I've had for a long, long time — about 15 years. When I get that done, I've cleaned off the boards — everything I've ever developed I've made. So now I can start fresh and say, ''Okay, now what do I want to do?'' And hopefully, by then the TV stuff will be cranking out on its own and doing its own thing and I can sort of [just] check in once in a while and say hi.

So we're talking a couple of years?
Yeah, it should take another couple years. The live-action TV series probably won't go on until around 2010. It'll take this year just to get through all the scripts and then another year to get them all shot.

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