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A Python Heads East

Michael Palin's ''New Europe'' -- The Monty Python comedian travels across eastern Europe on the documentary series

At the spa city of Karlovy Vary, the comedian takes a mud bath next to the comely form of 2006 Miss World winner Tatana Kucharova. ''It's like sitting in a warm, wet bath with a lot of gravel up your backside!'' declares Palin. Smooth.

While visiting Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, the Monty Pythoner meets Azis, the conservative country's hugely popular — and, we'd wager, only — gay gypsy transvestite pop star.

In a mountain village, self-proclaimed ''city boy'' Palin reluctantly helps to shave a dead pig.

In Ephesus, Palin attends the 25th Camel Wrestling festival, where 20,000 people watch humped beasts — who've been kept ''hungry and randy'' to make 'em angry — pin one another's heads to the ground. Beat that, Vince McMahon!

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