Music Video Roundup

Music Video Roundup: Watch and Grade 'Em!

We weigh in on hot new clips from Janet Jackson, Vampire Weekend, Silversun Pickups, Beck, Jay-Z, and Hollerado. Now, it's your turn; check 'em out and fill in your own report card

JANET JACKSON, ''Rock With U''

The Concept Miss-Jackson-if-Yer-Nasty cribs the title (and a not dissimilar chorus) from her older brother's 1979 hit. Damita Jo's signature dance moves ensue.

Watch the video, see EW's grade, and add your grade below

The Execution She's done better. The darkly lit set and writhing dancers jibe oddly with her whispery vocals and the tinkly backing synths. Plus, it's visually kind of dull; we preferred Michael's fabulous sparkle jumpsuit and booties of yore. B- Poll

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