Tina Fey: One Hot 'Mama'

Tina Fey

Though she's tentative about such praise, Fey does acknowledge that there's a gaping hole in film today where real women used to be. ''The person I always think of is Teri Garr,'' she says. ''There was a time when Teri Garr was in everything. She was adorable, but also completely real — her body was real, her teeth were real, you felt like she'd be your friend.'' But she's not yet buying the idea that she might be Teri Garr, version 2008. ''Let's see how this one does,'' she says of Baby Mama. ''It would be nice if it made money, so we could do it again sometime.'' Not everyone is as hesitant about her big-screen prospects: Fey was recently offered another film role — no audition necessary — as Ricky Gervais' disgruntled assistant in his upcoming comedy, This Side of the Truth.

But fear not, TV fans — the small screen will always remain Fey's great love. Sure, she may write herself a role in the occasional film, but Fey can't really fathom leaving TV completely, even after 30 Rock ends its run. ''My logical brain plan would be to do more writing for movies because it's a friendlier family lifestyle,'' she says. ''But I don't know if I'd be able to stop myself from trying to do TV again.'' Fey imagines her next show might be ''something about parenthood,'' and while she wouldn't star in it, she would let herself appear every once in a while.

Sounds like a solid plan, one that will bring Fey ever closer to her goal of landing on the Christopher Guest side of fame. But what if, despite all her best efforts, she finds herself at the beach with a pack of prying paparazzi aiming their lenses at her butt? ''Boy, that'd be bad for all parties,'' she says, shaking her head. ''Because that thing is gone.''

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