'30 Rock': Meet DeBorah!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Was Tina Fey there at all?
DEIDRE GOODWIN: She came by the studio [in Queens, New York] for a few seconds. That was cool....We didn't get to meet a lot of regulars because we were shooting all of our stuff by ourselves.

How did your friends and family react to the episode?
The word used most often was hot: ''You looked hot!'' Even my mom said it! Which I thought was hilarious. And by the way, when I first called my mom and told her I booked this, I explained and said, ''The fake show's called MILF Island — you know what a MILF is, right, Mom?'' and she answered, ''Yeah, yeah, I know what that is.'' So she sent an e-mail to all her friends, coworkers, and family right before it aired. And a guy ran down to her office and said, ''Do you know what MILF means?!'' and she said, ''Noooo?'' and he told her and she started laughing so hard. I was like, ''Mom, you told me you knew what it meant when you really didn't!''

Of course. Because it would be so uncool to let on otherwise.
Actually, I think she just wasn't listening to me!

Were you pleased with the episode when you saw it?
Very. I know that when a half-hour sitcom airs, it's really only 22 minutes, so I wasn't sure how much I'd be seen. But I knew they referred to MILF Island in the script a lot. I was very pleased with the amount of time our footage ended up airing. I have to say, I hadn't really had the chance to catch the show in the past. And I love it.

On 30 Rock you were so funny, but I also remember your small-but-serious role in Half Nelson. Are you drawn to serious projects, or more comic roles?
I love comedy. It's funny because I often get called in for roles like ''the tough cop'' or ''the mean girl.''

Yeah, because, you know, it's the package. It must be how I look, and on my résumé I've played murderers and hookers. But I'm happy I got to do 30 Rock and be silly. Because that's more my personality. I would also like to see more characters who are African-American, who are my complexion, who look the way I look but also are goofy as hell.

So if Liz Lemon really ends up writing a spinoff for DeBorah, what do you think it will be like?
God. I was thinking of crazy things — like, if she did have a talk show called The DeBorah Show, it would be funny if she did all these serious interviews, but always half-naked. Or she's in a tub, and guests have to get in the tub with her. It could be ridiculous. And you know how the episode mentioned that DeBorah wants to sing? I would hope they'd have me singing badly. Like, just bad. She'd be making them money, so they wouldn't care. She has ''the bearing of a queen,'' and that's all that really matters!

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Originally posted Apr 14, 2008

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