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Santogold (2008)


Details Release Date: Apr 29, 2008; Lead Performance: Santogold; Genre: Rock

On the self-titled Santogold, the mash-up of bhangra beats, basement punk, and hip-hop audacity has drawn inevitable comparisons to U.K. genre-gypsy M.I.A. And though Santogold, a.k.a. Philly-bred Santi White, lacks the anarchic politicking of her counterpart, the music is no less galvanizing. ''You'll Find a Way'' and ''Creator'' are near-instant dance-floor gems, while the haunting downtown lullaby ''L.E.S. Artistes'' is perhaps the best indie anthem since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' ''Maps.'' The album is hardly flawless, but in an era that retro-fetishizes rock and whitewashed pop, Santogold feels both raw and real. A-
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