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Sober up with Tequila

The Tila Tequila anti-drinking game -- How to avoid getting tipsy while watching an episode of ''Shot of Love 2''

Creating a drinking game for the drunk and disorderly dating competition that is A Shot at Love (season 2 premieres April 22 at 10 p.m.) is pretty much redundant. Instead, EW offers some rules to sober up viewers after a few too many rounds of Tequila.

+ Every time Tila hooks up with one of the contestants...join a local abstinence group.

+ Every time Tila forces the contestants to strip...knit a sweater for your grandmother.

+ Every time a contestant gets wasted...make yourself a nutritious fruit smoothie.

+ Every time a female contestant uses the term bitch...go adopt an abandoned puppy from the pound.

+ Every time Tila or a contestant uses profanity...make a squeaky-clean Pat Boone playlist for your iPod.

+ Every time a male contestant says something a rerun of Murphy Brown while listening to a Hillary Clinton campaign speech and humming Helen Reddy's ''I Am Woman.''

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