'Lost': Unhappy Jack


On the timing of Jack's flash-forward The headline of Jack's newspaper read, ''Yankees bludgeon Red Sox in series sweep.'' The Yankees swept a series with the Red Sox late in the 2006 season (a historic five-game wipeout) and the 2007 season (a traditional three-game set). If you pause the picture (on a high-def DVR), you can make out the score 5-0, which is how the 2007 series ended. So I'm going to call it: Jack's flash-forward took place in late summer of 2007.

On Claire If you were baffled by Claire's statement ''at least I'm not seeing things anymore,'' I'll repeat the intel I reported last week: Apparently, there was a scene in ''The Shape of Things to Come'' in which Claire had a hallucination after the freighter mercs blew up her New Otherton cabin, but it was cut for time. My hunch is that her hallucination foreshadowed the moment last night in which she saw Ghost Dad (now Ghost Grandpa) cradling Aaron by the campfire. ''Dad?'' she exclaimed — echoing Jack's very same exclamation back in ''White Rabbit'' when he spied (and chased after) White Rabbit Christian for the first time. When Sawyer awoke and found her missing, Ghosthustler Miles reported that she took off with Christian in the middle of the night. Sawyer subsequently found Aaron abandoned in the bushes. Where did Claire go? Spoilery images released to the Web indicate we'll learn the answer next week, so I won't pretend to guess. But this thought occurred to me last night as I tried to make sense of Miles' fixation with Claire: What if she actually didn't survive the obliteration of her home in last week's episode? What if she died? What if the Claire we've seen since then is some kind of spectral but physically tangible manifestation of Claire generated by Island magic, just like Eko's brother Yemi, Kate's horse, and now, apparently, Christian? Could that be why Miles is so intrigued by her — because he can sense that she's no longer human?

On the Millennium Falcon Sure the toy was chosen for a reason. My theory? The ship's notoriously erratic hyperdrive = the Island's unpredictable time-space-bending properties.

On Hurley I found that the name of Hurley's doctor — the one who he thinks isn't really real — was ''Stillman.'' The name links provocatively to Paul Auster's trippy existential mystery novella City of Glass and a character named Peter Stillman, who has a mother lode of father issues, was the subject of a bizarre pseudoscience experiment straight out of the Dharma playbook, and who may or may not be real.

On Jin's deal with Charlotte After discovering that the freighter lady can speak Korean — and intuiting a possible romantic rapport between her and Faraday — Jin threatened her, strongly intimating that if she didn't make sure Sun was on the first chopper off the Island, he was going to mess up her buddy Faraday. It was a little shocking to see Jin's underworld-heavy past reasserting itself, and it made me wonder what additional lengths he'd be willing to go to to save his wife. Would he be willing to hurt his friends? As for Charlotte's Korean, the crazy thought occurred to me that perhaps this Dharma-hunting anthropologist uses it to converse with one of her secret masters, someone I suspect has more to do with the larger Lost mythology than we've been led to believe — Sun's father, Mr. Paik.

Finally, on Jack and Juliet I liked how the episode neatly neutralized one of my least favorite season 4 moments, the Jack-Juliet smooch, with Juliet's expressed theory that Jack was merely taste-testing which Island honey he preferred. Or Juliet may have been graciously giving Jack a way out of committing to her. Either way works for me!

One more Jack thing... In case you guys end up debating on the message boards the possibility that Jack's mind might have been literally toggling back and forth through time, especially during those agony-induced blackouts, my vote is no.

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Originally posted May 02, 2008

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