Video Review

High Desert Kill (1990)

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Details Movie Rated: PG-13; Genre: Thriller; With: Chuck Connors, Anthony Geary and Marc Singer; Distributor: MCA/Universal Home Video

The low-budget thrillers that appear on video without theatrical release seem to operate on the same principle as that high frequency reserved for dogs — you either get what they're communicating or you don't. Intellectual capacity is no particular help.

The made-for-cable High Desert Kill, for instance, is an interestingly strange creature-feature, with a cheap-movie dream cast in Anthony Geary (General Hospital), Marc Singer (The Beastmaster), and Chuck Connors (The Rifleman). They play weekend hunters who slowly realize that something is messing with their minds. The plot suggests Deliverance and Predator poured into a blender, but as long as it keeps you wondering what on earth is going on, it's perversely intriguing. But it spoils the fun by telling you what's going on and then becomes just another goofy monster movie. C+

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