Video Review

Smokescreen (1990)

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genre: Drama; With: Kim Cattrall and Matt Craven; Distributor: RCA/Columbia Home Video

Originally called Palais Royale, this Canadian film could as easily have been retitled Almost Married to the Mob for its American video release. Also a comic look at organized crime, Smokescreen offers a 1950s jazz tone and a durably sensible story that together fit the subject better than Married's studied silliness. The big revelation is Kim Cattrall as the mob moll who lures an accountant (Matt Craven) into service as a gang driver, only to see him take over the rackets. Having generously donated her body to the motion picture sciences in such dubious experiments as Masquerade, Cattrall deserves a big break. This shows she's a winner. B

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