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Five Years After a Bomb, Hollywood Sees Green

Strong opening for ''Hulk'' -- Sequels may come quickly if the Edward Norton film does well


Five Years After a Bomb, Hollywood Sees Green

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No one liked him when he became angry and tormented five years ago. But it looks like the growling green monster's return to theaters in The Incredible Hulk has won back enough goodwill from moviegoers primed for another CG-based superhero adventure. As EW went to press, industry sources predicted a strong $60 -- 65 million opening weekend for the Edward Norton update, and if the movie holds up with fans — unlike 2003's much-derided, dour misfire Hulk — Marvel Studios will almost definitely greenlight a sequel. The studio declined to comment, but considering how quickly it approved a follow-up to Iron Man, the chances look good. Especially since cast member Tim Blake Nelson (he's Hulk rival Samuel Sterns) said he's already been talking with director Louis Leterrier and producer Gale Anne Hurd about a follow-up: ''They said, 'You're going to play this character across three movies.' I'm supposed to be the main villain in the next one.'' — with reporting by Carrie Bell

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