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My Top 10: Will Arnett

The ''Arrested Development'' alum reveals the new TV classics that made him cry


1. When Crockett came back after going too deep on Miami Vice, and they pulled their guns on him at his locker. They pulled their guns on Crockett! He gave his life to that job! He's good police!

2. When Jerry Orbach left Law & Order.

3. When I realized the theme song to The Greatest American Hero was the best song ever, and that I would never hear a better song again.

4. When Sam closed the bar one last time on Cheers.

5. Every Oprah.

6. When I found out The Hills was fake/real. But then I realized that it's real/fake.

7. When Walt was taken by the Others on Lost. I gasped. And then uttered, ''Hell, no.''

8. When Snoop was shot on The Wire. Before Michael shot her, she asked him if her hair looked good. That was profoundly sad because (a) her hair looked great and (b) what? You're going to be dead within 15 seconds! Think about that.

9. When that woman had to shave her head on The Amazing Race.

10. Jason Bateman's big, teary family-tribute speech at the end of Arrested Development's last episode. That was for reals, y'all.

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