'Watchmen': An Exclusive First Look


He does, but it won't be easy. ''I keep telling them, 'Guys, I can't take this out!''' Snyder says. '''Don't you understand?! If I f--- this up, I might as well start making romantic comedies!''' On July 18, Watchmen first trailer's hits theaters, hooked to The Dark Knight. Snyder hopes the fanboys understand that even with these changes, no other version of the film that preceded him dared to be this faithful. And as he spends the next eight months slicing and fine-tuning, he prays his fellow Watchmenphiles will cut him a little slack. ''They have a chance to support something that I think legitimizes the superhero-movie genre for everyone who says superhero movies are stupid, popcorn bulls---,'' he says. ''Hopefully, Watchmen can get in their faces and change their minds.''

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