10 Reality Stars: Where They Are Now

Audrey Reyes
On a 2007 episode of MTV's My Super Sweet 16, the Miami ''princess'' almost ruined her pricey quinceañera by throwing a tantrum when her mom gifted her with a $67,000 Lexus a day earlier than Audrey had hoped.

I applied as a joke because I never actually thought I'd get picked. I think I just wanted to be on TV for the fun of it. A lot of people tried to talk me out of it. It took a while to convince my mom to do it, and my dad didn't like the idea because he was scared of how it was all going to turn out. My sister was like, ''Don't do it — you're getting yourself into something you don't want to get into.'' And she was right. I was really thinking ''I'm not going to be portrayed as a brat, I'm not like that.'' But you don't even remember that cameras are around, and then you throw a fit and they catch it. When I saw the show, I freaked. They showed a lot of the negative stuff. I didn't even care about the whole thing with the car: I was just overwhelmed, and I hate surprises. I felt the need to apologize to a few people, like my friend Samantha. I called her fat, and that was really rude of me. After it aired, my classmates who aren't my friends would say mean things to me, but I learned to ignore everything. I'm more mature now; people meet me and say, You're not the girl we thought you were on the show. —As told to Lindsay Soll

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