Barack Obama: My Pop-Culture Favorites

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was the first film you remember seeing as a kid?
BARACK OBAMA: I don't remember the first movie, but I can tell you that one of the first was Born Free. I remember that movie having an impact on me. I think I may have teared up at the end when they release [the lioness] Elsa. I couldn't have been more than 4 or 5, but I remember choking up on that.

What about TV shows? What shows were you passionate about as a child?
You know, I grew up in the golden age of sitcoms. I think M*A*S*H was probably my favorite. Michelle's favorite is The Dick Van Dyke Show, which she sometimes now watches [in reruns]. I have to say The Dick Van Dyke Show ranks right up there.

What about your kids — what do they watch?
Oh, they're all about Hannah Montana. They're starting to get into these tween shows. They were big fans of That's So Raven, but I don't know if that's still on. Drake & Josh. All these Nickelodeon and Disney shows. But they can still hang with SpongeBob SquarePants. And I have to say, SpongeBob is pretty funny.

If a TV network launched a show about a male president and a female vice president, how would it do?
[Laughing] You know, I have no idea. Generally, 
 political shows don't do that well.

Everyone knows you're a Jay-Z fan, but who else is on your iPod?
My staff teases me about how eclectic my tastes are. I've got Frank Sinatra, I've got Sheryl Crow, I've got John Coltrane, I've got Bob Dylan. There's Javanese flute music, African dance music, a lot of R&B.

Last question, and the fate of the Republic hangs on your answer: If you could be any superhero, which superhero would you be?
I was always into the Spider-Man/Batman model. The guys who have too many powers, like Superman, that always made me think they weren't really earning their superhero status. It's a little too easy. Whereas Spider-Man and Batman, they have some inner turmoil. They get knocked around a little bit.

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