'Project Runway' Exit Q&A: Jennifer Diederich

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When Tim consulted, he seemed unsure of your outfit and said that when he saw it from across the room that it looked matronly. Did you do much to change it after he said all that?
JENNIFER DIEDERICH: Well, I'm not sure how much I should be saying. Tim really liked my outfit. Did you notice they kind of voiced-over another opinion as an afterthought? He said, ''I was looking at your outfit from across the room and the top kind of seemed matronly.'' And then they filled in something else, but really then he said, ''But I see it up close, and I see the inspiration, and I really like it.'' So he really liked it. There was no information to take and change. He thought it was good.

It's creative cutting then.
Very creative.

Let's talk contestants: What's going on with all the wacky personalities? Stella and her leather, Blayne with the tanning, and so on…
Even from the get-go, we all were very friendly with each other. We all got along. We were shocked — aren't we supposed to hate each other? You're fighting in a competition. They showed me as kind of sleepy, but at the same time, I made a lot of great friends, and I had a ton of fun, and everyone is so nice. Obviously they're personifying certain characters. That's reality for you.

Is Stella as crazy as she looks on TV?
No, I actually saw her last night. I went over to her apartment and hung out for a little bit. She is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. On the show, they're making it where you either love her or hate her. At the same time, I don't know if there's anybody who'd meet her and hate her. So she's kind of bummed about that. You know? But she is a super-kind person. She does talk about leather constantly, that's true. And Blayne talks about tanning all the time too. So those are definitely true.

Jennifer, what's next? Where can we find you?
I have my own line here in the states, and it's called Suite. It's the idea of taking something that's kind of more luxurious — like a suite, not just a hotel room — and using it in your everyday life. Like, I like to have a dress that you can wear in the daytime and the nighttime, just changing it up to make it different with accessories. It's a brand new line, so I'm trying to get it into a couple of stores in my hometown, Syracuse, N.Y. And hopefully next season, in New York City, as well. In the next month, I'm going to be selling a small collection for fall online. I have a website — it's www.jenniferdiederich.com — and the collection is inspired by lumberjacks and camping. It's kind of a tongue-in-cheek — because those are typically masculine things — and using something very masculine in a very feminine way. It's cute and fun and flirty.

Any final words?
I think that I didn't get to explain myself too much on the show, and I'm more of a soft-spoken person, but I really try to make my stuff wearable for a larger range of people, not just models. And I can explain more of that surrealism if people want to look more into it.

Originally posted Aug 08, 2008

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