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Flashes: April 9, 1993

Prince made headlines this week

THE PRINCE WILL SEE YOU NOW: Since Michael Jackson has gone public, is Prince next in line? The purple one jetted to Atlanta last month to sign autographs for 2,000 fans at Turtle's Rhythm & Views CD store. He even slid his sunglasses down his nose upon request (permitting a split-second glimpse of his actual eyes), shook hands, signed albums, and performed three tunes (''Delirious,'' ''Sexy MF,'' and ''My Name Is Prince'') for fans who waited seven hours in line. A spokesman for the singer, whose last record, [Prince], is only approaching double platinum, denies the move is a sign of hard times: ''This is just part of a pattern of intimacy and accessibility that's consistent with the concerts that Prince is now giving.''

Originally posted Apr 09, 1993

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