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Soul Men (2008)

Bernie Mac, Samuel L. Jackson, ... | BERNIE MAC AND SAMUEL L. JACKSON
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Details Release Date: Nov 07, 2008; Rated: R; Length: 92 Minutes; Genre: Comedy; With: Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac

In the wake of the sudden deaths of Mac and soul 
giant Isaac Hayes, who has 
a cameo as himself, this comedy has a new level of poignancy. Mac and Jackson star as backup singers in an old R&B group called the Real Deal, who reunite after decades apart to perform at a memorial service for their former lead singer (Legend). "It's like Grumpy Old Men with music and dancing," says Jackson of the film, which allowed him to live out a lifelong fantasy of 
 being an R&B star. For the charismatic Mac, however, Jackson says the role came easily: "Bernie never met a microphone he didn't like."
OUR TWO CENTS It already had a bittersweet premise. Now the movie might 
 become an unexpected tearjerker. Talk about the real deal. 11/14

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