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Jason Sudeikis' Real Top Tunes

What the ''SNL'' cast member's is listening to

The SNL star plays a sleazy music exec in the comedy The Rocker. Here are the songs he rocks most...according to his iPod.

1 ''Sexy Love'' by Ne-Yo
''I heard it on So You Think You Can Dance, which I enjoy because my sister is a choreographer.''

2 ''When Your Mind's Made Up'' by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
''I listened to the whole Once soundtrack a ton while making The Rocker''

3 ''Place to Be'' by Nick Drake
''When I want my life to be an indie movie, I listen to this.''

4 ''99 Problems'' by Jay-Z
''The bitch isn't one. Also not a problem for him? Money.''

5 ''Young Folks'' by Peter Bjorn and John
''This thing's catchier than bird flu.''

6 ''My Doorbell'' by The White Stripes
''When you think of Meg White playing drums, you think of bouncing. It's a very sexy song.''

7 ''Paper Boats'' by Nada Surf
''One of the best songs to listen to on a subway. Because it's about subways.''

8 ''Dry Your Eyes'' by The Streets
''Paul Rudd sang this at karaoke in a British accent and it blew me away.''

9 ''Funny Little Frog'' by Belle and Sebastian
''You put it on and the party gets a little better.''

10 ''Easy Silence'' by Dixie Chicks
''There are those moments when you're in desperate search of what the title says.''

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