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''Transporter 3,'' ''Nothing Like the Holidays,'' and ''Nobel Son'' hit theaters this month

This Thanksgiving, you can spend the holidays with a professional driver from England, a Puerto Rican family from Chicago's Humboldt Park, or a pair of grieving parents from Paris. Then again, why not rack up some hours with all three? The driver, of course, is Jason Statham, returning as 
 getaway artist Frank Martin in Transporter 3 (11/26).... And you can join the Rodriguez family (including brothers John Leguizamo and Freddy Rodriguez) for a Chicago Christmas in Alfredo de Villa's indie Nothing Like the Holidays (11/14).... For a more depressing seasonal celebration, try a trip to France with A Christmas Tale (Un Conte 
de Noël) (11/14), in 
 which Catherine 
 Deneuve and Jean-Paul Roussillon play the 
 parents of a dying son.... There's also Nobel Son (11/14), with Bryan Greenberg (Prime) as a struggling Ph.D. student who promptly gets 
 kidnapped after his overbearing dad (Alan Rickman) wins the 
 Nobel Prize for chemistry.... Troy Garity stars as yet another type of son — the kind who has Sissy Spacek for a mom — in the Southern family drama Lake City (11/14).... For a more decadent holiday, you could always spend Thanksgiving with Paris Hilton and the
 sci-fi rock-music 
comedy Repo! The Genetic Opera (11/7). That should definitely get you in the mood
 for turkey!

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