'90210''s Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth: The EW Reunion

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In the book it says you two got into a fistfight. That sounds very badass. But is it true?
JENNIE GARTH: A fistfight? That makes us sound so tough.
SHANNEN DOHERTY: I know. Like we were serious gangsters.
GARTH: I didn't read the book either.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You're thanked in it.
GARTH: For what? I wonder what I did. I asked Tori if I needed to read it and she said no, I shouldn't bother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, but back to the fistfight: fact or fiction?
GARTH: I don't think we ever hit each other.
DOHERTY: We had our moments.
GARTH: I just remember being outside and the boys having to try to settle us down.
DOHERTY: No, we never punched each other.
GARTH: Scratching? I'm not going to deny that.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There is a rumor that in this new 90210, Kelly and Brenda will be fighting over the slightly Dylan-esque bad-boy English teacher, Ryan Matthews. Are we really going to see Kelly and Brenda fight over another guy?
DOHERTY: I would not do that.
GARTH: People want that. They want that love triangle because that's what they're comfortable with with us. But it's not happening.
DOHERTY: That was one of the things I was adamant about: Brenda Walsh would not fight for a guy anymore. There are bigger, more important things in her life. Besides, I encourage [Kelly] to date Ryan. I offer to babysit.
GARTH: All those people who wrote the ''I Hate Brenda'' newsletter are going to get mad at me now, like ''Why are you leaving your child with Brenda?''
DOHERTY: Hopefully those people have grown up.
GARTH: I doubt it.

Additional reporting by Dan Snierson

See Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth at the EW 90210 photo shoot:

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