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My Name Is Earl (2005)

Details Start Date: Sep 20, 2005; Genre: Comedy; With: Jason Lee; Network: NBC; More

8-8:30 PM · NBC · Debuts Sept. 25

After season 3’s crazy Earl-in-prison- and-coma swerves, creator Greg Garcia promises no serious relationships (''We love Alyssa Milano but her character was starting to change the show in a way we didn't want it to'') and ''more crossing-things- off-the-list stories.... We have an episode with Jenna Elfman where Earl [Jason Lee] and Randy [Ethan Suplee] go to cheerleading camp, because Randy has always had a hidden desire to be a cheerleader.'' The former Dharma plays against type: ''Jenna runs the cheerleading camp and in college was attacked by a badger, so she has a mangled face with a dead, milky eye.'' Guess Dharma's karma was unluckier than Earl's.

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