TV Preview

Hole in the Wall

8-9 PM · Fox · Debuts Sept. 7

CONCEPT Game-show contestants have to fit through different shapes in a wall, á la those ''human Tetris'' videos on YouTube.
THE SCOOP Exec producer Stuart Krasnow is disarmingly honest about the appeal of this goofy-concept, Japanese-hit adaptation: ''There's something addictive about a show that's so loud and so simple. When these Styrofoam walls come at full speed toward people in silver spandex suits who try to make a shape and fit through a hole, you have to look up and watch it.'' Krasnow refers to it as ''the Olympics of Styrofoam.''
BOTTOM LINE We've seen promos for Hole, and we've seen the Olympics, and you, Hole in the Wall, are not the Michael Phelps of Styrofoam.

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