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Bones (2005)

Details Start Date: Sep 13, 2005; Genre: Crime; With: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel; Network: Fox

8-9PM · Fox · Premiered Sept. 3

After the season premiere, set in England, the Bones brigade is back in America, with creator Hart Hanson promising a variety of ''self-contained'' episodes. ''One is about dogfighting. We do our take on the Michael Vick [controversy]. And we have one of our most hideous discoveries — what's left after somebody's remains have been between an elevator and the wall for some time. We refer to it as the 'smear show.' Our big bad guy for season 4 will probably be the Gravedigger, because that's the one criminal we haven't caught.'' As for the always-simmering attraction between Emily Deschanel's Bones and David Boreanaz's Booth, Hanson is still coy: ''We will see Brennan and Booth in bed in a sexual situation this season. I'm just not saying what the context is.''

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