Ricky Gervais: A 'Ghost' of a Chance


Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Gervais passed on the chance to share the screen with Johnny Depp, saying, ''I didn't want to sit in a Winnebago for six months waiting to show up as a comedy pirate for two minutes.''

The Da Vinci Code
Ditto to costarring with Tom Hanks in this 2006 Ron Howard thriller. ''I'm going to pop up and people are going to go: That's the fat fellow from The Office! Who the f--- does he think he is?''

Star Trek
Abrams approached the comedian about his franchise reboot, due next summer: ''I was never a big fan, so I would've felt guilty taking the part just to be in a blockbuster. To what? Boost my profile?''

Arthur remake
''I said 'no' straight-away,'' Gervais says about an offer to star in a new version. ''Why would I mess with a perfect comedy? They know people don't watch films that have the wrong font — it's got an '80s font.''

Magnum P.I. movie
Gervais wouldn't say which role was offered, but we'll bet it rhymes with ''Figgins.'' ''I don't want to be the funny butler...because [roles like that] do no good. I just keep walking away.''

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