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Déjà Viewed?

TV stars' double takes -- Fall's new TV shows recycle Lucy Liu, Jerry O'Connell, and others

Lots of TV stars are turning up in new (yet oddly familiar) roles this season. Here, a look into the recycling bin.

The Cashmere Mafia publishing exec with glam accessories has morphed into Dirty Sexy Money's glam diva who sees men as accessories.

On Journeyman, he time-traveled to save lives. Now he's a doc who travels to Seattle Grace to save lives — and hook up! — on Grey's Anatomy.

The hopeful amnesiac on Grey's who thought Dr. Karev was The One is now a hopeful singleton looking for The One on The Ex List.

First a horny dentist on Carpoolers, then a horny hotel manager on Do Not Disturb. We're beginning to see a pattern here, Jerry.

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