'Gossip Girl': Yale and Hearty

I'm not sure I believe that half of Yale's campus would know about the Captain and that whole ensuing scandal. I mean I'm sure the news would have made local headlines, but surely they wouldn't be aware his son, Nate, would be on campus for a visit. Still, I love that Nate became a big ol' horndog as soon as he hit the campus and almost immediately landed in that girl's dorm room. I'm glad that he and Dan became pals by the end of this episode because Humphrey needs to lighten up. Like, literally, the dude only wears brown. That boy needs a little color in his life. Or maybe a Bedazzler. He could Bedazzle one of his boring old brown suits. Seeing him tied up against the statue in his little boxers though was awfully cute.

Chuck was mostly concerned with finding the Skull and Bones society and, from what he was wearing, entrance seems to demand that you dress like Sherlock Holmes. I was just thankful he wasn't thrust into a horrible murder mystery like the Joshua Jackson flick The Skulls, although the sight of Paul Walker would have brightened my day. While it seemed like he was going through all the motions to get into the club by hiring some escorts, it was actually a quite genius plan to be able to get dirt on and then blackmail these future leaders of America. I thought that was just great. Exactly what one would expect from Chuck Bass. What I didn't really understand was Nate suddenly being upset with Chuck. Sometimes it feels like these kids just have to get mad at each other for unrealistic reasons so that new relationships can be created. I guess it keeps things interesting.

Going back to van der Woodsen breasts, Lily was also rockin' some major skin in this episode. She did look amazing in Serena's party dress, but did anyone else think it was a tad too young for her? In any case, Jenny should frame that dress since it totally helped sway Rufus into letting her pursue her dream of fashion. Also, that's kind of weird that she designed the dress that made her father's ex-girlfriend look totally hot. But we did learn that Eric has a "new friend"! Fingers crossed for a cute hairdresser who can tend to Eric's roots.

The big snooze of the evening was Jenny's story line. Note to GG producers: Debating whether or not to home school is not exciting. It's like centering a plot on Rufus deciding what to make for dinner. Also, can we get some backstory as to why Vanessa is living on her own? Maybe she just discovered at a young age that she was born to steam milk and grind coffee beans and that should be her life's focus.

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Will Dan and Nate continue to be friends? How long before Blair and Serena start pulling each other's hair again?

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Originally posted Oct 14, 2008

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