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A Kiss Is Just a Miss

'Gossip Girl' and other show’s worst kisses -- Television’s most unappealing make-out moments from ''Mary Tyler Moore'' to Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

That upset stomach you had last Monday wasn't food poisoning — it was caused by Gossip Girl when Nate (Chace Crawford, age 23) kissed Jenny (Taylor Momsen, 15). The liplock joins the pantheon of TV's most nauseating smooches.

Lost Our Lunch

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley
MTV VMAs 1994

Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven
The Oscars 2000

Nate and Jenny
Gossip Girl 2008

Mildly Icky

George Michael and his cousin Maeby
Arrested Development 2003

Jack and Rosario
Will & Grace 1999

Mary Richards and Mr. Grant
The Mary Tyler Moore Show 1977

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