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Also Playing in November

''Repo! The Genetic Opera,'' ''JCVD,'' and ''Transporter 3'' all come out this month

Featuring Paris Hilton in a supporting role, Repo! The Genetic Opera is a futuristic horror rock-opera about organ transplants (11/7).... Remember this guy? Robert Davi of The Goonies is the co-writer, director, and star of The Dukes, a comedy about two washed-up doo-wop singers (11/14).... Catherine Deneuve plays the head of a screwy family in the French drama A Christmas Tale (11/14).... Two teens are still reeling from being abducted as kids in the harrowing Gardens of the Night (11/7).... The doc Pray the Devil Back to Hell follows the rise of a Liberian women's peace movement (11/7).... On the eve of their 10th anniversary, a married couple struggles to stay together in the Irish drama Eden (11/7).... Sissy Spacek, Troy Garity, Rebecca Romijn, and Dave Matthews share the screen in the Southern family drama Lake City (11/21).... Jean-Claude Van Damme, playing himself, foils a bank robbery in the meta-action film JCVD (11/7).... A less-retro action hero, Jason Statham, revs up in Transporter 3 (11/26).

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