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''Punisher: War Zone,'' ''What Doesn't Kill You,'' and ''The Class'' are some other films coming out this month

At last, a new Punisher movie! Ray Stevenson takes over for Thomas Jane in Punisher: War Zone (12/5).... In Nobel Son, kidnappers swipe the son of a new Nobel Prize winner (Alan Rickman) and ask for the award money as ransom (12/5).... Bijou Phillips is a nightclub singer in the musical filmnoir Dark Streets (12/12).... Val Kilmer and Freddie Prinze Jr. star in the animated fantasy Delgo (12/12).... In Where God Left His Shoes, John Leguizamo seeks a job and a home on Christmas Eve (12/12).... Spanish director Carlos Saura (Tango) celebrates Portuguese music in Fados (12/12).... Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo play Boston hoods in What Doesn't Kill You (12/12).... Ruffalo pops up again, this time with Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz, in The Brothers Bloom (12/19).... The Secret of the Grain explores Arab immigrant life in a small French town (12/24).... This year's top Cannes prizewinner, The Class, follows Parisian students over the course of a school year (12/25).... The animated Waltz With Bashir revisits the Lebanon War of the early 1980s (12/26).... In the WWII-era drama Good, Viggo Mortensen struggles with whether to become a Nazi (12/31).

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