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The Week in Aretha Franklin

Promoting her new Christmas album, the Diva is everywhere

Make way for the diva! During a recent promotional tear for her new Christmas album, the Queen of 
 Soul was hard to miss

Oct. 22: Covers ''Touch My Body''

 Hello, sense of humor! ReRe gets suggestive with a performance of Mariah's sultry slow jam at 
 a D.C. concert.

Oct. 24: Sings at Matt Lauer's Roast
Pseudo comedian Jeffrey Ross jabs: ''I've never been to a show when the fat lady sings in the beginning.'' Ouch.

Oct. 27: Chats Up 'The View' Ladies

 And performs ''Respec'' — all while wearing 
 a bedazzled muumuu and 
 a lone string 
 of pearls.

Oct. 29: Sits Down With Julie Chen 
 ''Aretha will sing in a moment. 
 But first...will she agree to appear on Big Brother?'' Okay, we can dream, right?

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