Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio: EW's Exclusive Reunion Q&A!

Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio

KATE WINSLET: Lovefest! [Slapping DiCaprio's leg] We'll try very hard not to let it 
become that.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Please — people have been wanting to see you two back together for over a decade. How scared were you to mess with that original magic?
LEONARDO DICAPRIO: Over the years, I would find myself stopping and saying, ''I don't know if we should do this again.'' And then I'd think, ''What are you, an idiot? Why wouldn't I want to work with the best actress of her generation? Am I going to be prejudiced against a project just because Kate's in it?'' I think we both had been actively looking for something else to do together, but we fundamentally knew that we couldn't tread on any sort of similar territory.

Which eliminates what?
DICAPRIO: Any type of love story imaginable. [Laughs]
WINSLET: Known to mankind!
DICAPRIO: So what we have here is a profoundly well-written, character-driven story about the dissolving of a relationship. Certainly in Kate's character there's that great pursuit not to have her life be predigested —
WINSLET: Predetermined.
DICAPRIO: Yes, better word. You're right. Good one.
WINSLET: [Gagging] Oh, we're so cute, we finish each other's sentences. Cutesy, cutesy!

Your characters have big, go-for-the-jugular fights. Were either of you nervous that those scenes could slip into hamminess?
DICAPRIO: We were both relishing those moments. Reading those sequences where these people are at each other's throats and having these suburban knockout, drag-out fights? Look, there's not many actresses like Kate Winslet who you know can endure anything you give them and give it right back.
WINSLET: We have a level of understanding which I really don't have with another actor that I've ever worked with at all.
DICAPRIO: [High-fives Winslet] Yeah, homey!

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