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Coming Back to You (2009)

Idol Achievement: Melinda Doolittle's debut impresses
Idol Achievement: Melinda Doolittle's debut impresses

Details Release Date: Feb 03, 2009; Lead Performance: Melinda Doolittle; Genre: R&B

As a finalist on American Idol's season 6, Doolittle sang powerfully but lacked star power; at times it seemed like one of the vocal coaches had snuck on stage. So it's quite a surprise that her debut Coming Back to You ranks among Idol's liveliest yet. Doolittle channels Tina 
Turner and Aretha Franklin over live-band arrangements that feel fresh-faced and old-school at the same time. In "I'll Never Stop Loving You," she even uncovers an improbable reserve of torch-song sex appeal. B+

Download This: Listen to the song ''It's Your Love'' on the singer's MySpace

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