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Shindig! Presents Jackie Wilson

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genres: Documentary, Musical; With: Jackie Wilson; Distributor: Rhino Video

Shindig!, which ran on ABC from 1964-66, was the first (and still the best) prime-time TV show devoted exclusively to pop and rock music. Essentially, everybody who made interesting records during those years — from Howlin' Wolf to the Beatles — appeared on the show at some time, and almost invariably live. Rhino has prepared an incredible 12 volumes of performances from the show. On the basis of Frat Party and Jackie Wilson, which are among the first releases, the project is a smashing success. The Jackie Wilson package, however, is a flat-out stunner: the only program on video offering an in-depth look at a major R&B figure who combined the sweet but soulful vocal style of Sam Cooke with the athletic grace of the early James Brown. A

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