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MPAA Rating: G

Details Movie Rated: G; Genres: Drama, Kids and Family; With: Keith Coogan; Distributor: Walt Disney Home Video

In Cheetah, Ted Johnson (Keith Coogan) and his sister, Susan (Lucy Deakins), upper-middle-class teenagers from Pasadena, Calif., spend a summer vacation with their parents in Kenya, where their father is a scientist doing research and their mother works in a clinic. The kids become friends with a young African, Morogo (played convincingly by Collin Mothupi), who introduces them to local customs (such as eating live termites). The teenagers find an abandoned cheetah cub. Ted and Susan raise it, but as they prepare to return to the U.S., thieves steal the animal. An exciting chase ensues. Good, even memorable, music complements panoramic scenes of Kenyan wildlife and landscapes. B

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